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Nothing touches your life like becomming a parent


to Jennifer’s Writing Corner where you can learn more about me and my writing, including stories of mine that are looking for a publishing home.

I have always had a passion for encouraging children to read.  For as long as I can remember, people have told me I should write. When my daughter was born ten years ago, I became driven to find my writer's voice -and I have.  Not only am I a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature: Writing for Children and Teenagers, I am also the recipient of several writing awards including the Best Juvenile Book Award, the Best Ghost Story, Tall Tale, Legend Award, and the Dr. Dorris Mueller Poetry and Prose contest awards.  Currently, my writer's voice is looking for a publishing home so that it can find its way into the lives of children, adolescents, and an occasional adult –and compel them to read.

Click the My Fictional Stories tab above to learn about my award winning manuscripts and other writing projects that are looking for a  publishing home. 



What's New?
I had the opportunity to see Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, speak at the 2013 NY SCBWI conference.  While I was there, I was able to get Mo Willems to sign some of my daughter's favorite books, and I even got to rub elbows with Arthur Levine as well as the founders of the SCBWI, Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser.  Happy Birthday, Lin!  And thank you to everyone who made the conference possible.


If you would like to contact me about my writing or writing for you, I can be reached at: