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--I would say these stories are written, but when is a writer truly finished revising? ...when a story is published, of course... and sometimes, even not then
Sticky and Slipper Fingers Meet the Wild Beast:
by Jennifer Jiang and Michael Pisias
Sticky and Slippery Fingers Meet the Wild Beast is the first manuscript in a chapter book series that revolves around ten-year-old twin brothers who love science.  While Sticky has a passion for chemistry, particularly the chemistry of anything sticky, Slippery loves inventing gadgets with grease-covered gears and other moving parts.  In each of the six manuscripts we have written for this series so far, the two brothers combine their talents to achieve a goal and/or overcome a problem.  Of course, things don’t always go as planned.  In Sticky and Slippery Fingers Meet the Wild Beast, Slippery is building a go-kart, while Sticky is inventing axle grease.  All is almost well until a fluffy black kitten sneaks into the house, ends up under a bowl of goo, gets mistaken for a skunk, and all manner of chaos ensues until the boys create an invention to capture the skunk/kitten, clean up the mess, and win the go-kart race.
Readership age: 7 to 10 yrs 
Word count: 5,000
Book type: Chapter book
Lizzie Plain and Simple: by Jennifer Jiang and Michael Pisias
Best Fiction for Children Award, 2011 Dr. Dorris Mueller Prose and Poetry Contest
Lizzie is tired of being plain simple Lizzie, until she learns that there are lots of animals that aren't as plain and simple as they once seemed.
Readership age: 5 to 7 yrs 
Word count: 1,270
Book type: Picture Book
Can You Imagine: by Jennifer Jiang and Michael Pisias
Best Fiction for Children Award, 2011 Dr. Dorris Mueller Prose and Poetry Contest
Danny begins to doubt if his imaginary friends (fluffy white bunnies he carries in his backpack) are real until he meets a kindred spirit who shares his vivid imagination.  
Readership age: 3 to 5 yrs 
Word count: 1,000
Book type: Picture Book
The Rugged Road: Best Juvenile Book Award, Honorable Mention, Missouri Writers Guild, 2008.
Life is like a rugged road: sometimes it's smooth, and the answers are easy; other times, it's filled with potholes and boulders, and the path we should choose isn't quite so clear.  This is the reality 16 yr old Daniel discovers when he finds the courage to stand up to his boss, only to get himself and his best friend fired.  A few days later, Daniel and his friend must decide whether to help their former boss in his time of need, or to let him die.
Readership age: 12 to 18 yrs 
Word count: 60,000
Book type: Novel
A Dinosaur Goes By: Best Ghost Story, Tall Tale, Legend, 3rd Place Winner, Missouri Writers Guild, 2008
Dinosaurs hiding in your pockets; who ever heard of such a thing?  Jonathan has -and you can too.  A charming story that reflects on the memories of those we have loved and lost.
Readership age: 4 to 8 yrs; Word count: 995
Book Type: board book, picture book,
early reader book
Scat Cat, Scat
A fun, easy to read Dr. Suess style
story that uses multiple words
that rhyme with cat.
Ages: 2 to 6 yrs; Word Count: 350
Book Type: board book, picture book,
early reader book
Little Bear Gets Out of Taking a Bath...
or Does He?
A charming story about a little bear who almost ends up going to bed early when he 'tricks' his parents into thinking he is sleeping so that he can get out of taking his bath.
Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; Word count: 810
Book type: board book, picture book, early reader book
That's How We Say Goodnight: A Bedtime Story and Lullaby
A book destined to become part of a child's bedtime ritual.  This story within a story begins with a child opening a book and ends with... well, you'll have to see for yourself.
Ages: 2 to 5 yrs; Word count: 740
Book Type: board book, picture book
The Day We Dressed in Rags on Purpose
Eleanor teaches Theresa that getting dirty can be fun as long as you are dressed for the occasion.
Ages: 4 to 8 yrs; Word Count: 1440
Book Type: picture book, early reader book
Tori Loses Her Terrible Temper
Tori's temper is terrible for sure... perhaps in this book she'll find the right cure?  A must read for any child whose temper needs taming.  Written in rhyming verse, this story is as captivating to read as its ending is surprising.
Ages: 2 to 6 yrs; Word count: 1300
Book type: picture book 

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